Best coffee shops in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city in California considered a commercial and cultural center. Besides being a perfect place, it’s an excellent place for getting a cup of coffee, and coffee is regarded as an essential item to the people of San Francisco.

For drinking a good cup of coffee, it’s necessary to find out the best coffee shops in San Francisco, and today, we gathered the best ones to introduce to you guys.

This list is for those who have good taste in coffee and don’t want to throw their money inside the fire.

Best coffee shops in San Francisco

Best coffee shops in San Francisco

Stay with us, and let’s start the list of the top 10 best coffee shops in San Francisco.

Top 10 bests coffee shops in San Francisco

  1. Equator coffees
  2. Goody
  3. Trieste
  4. Andy town coffee shop
  5. Blue bottle
  6. Rise and grind
  7. Flywheel
  8. Sight glass
  9. Ritual coffee shop
  10. Mazarine

Equator coffees

Equator coffee shop has several locations all across San Francisco. Let us explain to you “why this café is considered the best coffee shop in San Francisco?”

The Equator is the best coffee shop in the business. The staff is so friendly, and the working spaces are considered one of the cleanest workspaces among the other cafes because of the founder’s rigid discipline.

Equator coffees in San Francisco

Equator coffees in San Francisco

The interesting fact about this café is the customer review. From the reviews that our team gathered, there is no specific item we can recommend to you, which means every item on the menu is perfect.

The only recommendation we can give to you is that you should visit this café.


Goody is here for you if you want a good afternoon, a good morning, or a good whatever.

The perfectly placed location in the port is one of the main reasons why customers prefer goody. Well, who would miss the opportunity of drinking a good calipers coffee with a straight view of the sea? Just imagine it.

Also, they serve various variations of pastries that taste like heaven.

Undoubtedly, this coffee shop is one of the best coffee shops in San Francisco.


Over 50 years, this fantastic café became a perfect spot for artists. Trieste is a cozy and quiet place for those who want to write poems, take photos, draw, etc. while drinking a great cup of coffee.

Trieste coffee shop

Trieste coffee shop

This café is located at 601 Vallejo St, which serves Italian specialty coffee to its customers. I think we introduced enough reasons to consider Trieste as one of the best coffee shops in San Francisco.

This café is a personal favorite of our team because of the art interests of our friends.

Andy town coffee shop

Being one of the best coffee shops in San Francisco for over eight years is pretty hard work, but Andy town achieved it.

The names behind this café are Michael McCrory and Lauren Crabbe, who brought high-end beans to outer sunset. (Outer sunset is the location of Andy town.)

The second location was opened in 2017 in Taraval, in addition to a bean roasting facility next door.

They gather their single origin beans from different countries such as Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, and Peru.

Andy town has different variations of baked goodies that you should try once.

Blue bottle

Blue bottle is one of the most significant coffee communities which was founded by the brainchild of freelance musician and coffee obsessive James Freeman all across the country who opened in early 2000 and now has various branches all over America like NY, San Francisco, LA, Boston, Washington, and Japan.

With its blue and white theme design, the blue bottle gives you the sea vibe, but the blue bottle’s primary emphasis is the coffee they produce.

best coffee shops in San Francisco

best coffee shops in San Francisco

With the combination of quality and design, the blue bottle became one of the best coffee shops in San Francisco and other cities.

Rise and grind

The story of the rise and grind is so interesting. Let me explain it by giving an example.

You and your friends are crazy coffee lovers. There is a little chance that all of you want to open a coffee shop and the birth of rising and grind is just like that.

3 friends gathered together and founded rise and grind with the mission and becoming one of the best coffee shops in San Francisco. After then, they opened the second branch in the Richmond district.

Each branch serves you strong coffee, friendly service, and different variations of foods, from avocado toast to a hot pastrami sandwich.


The owner of the café has coffee in his blood. He was born on a coffee farm in Nicaragua. His parents opened a coffee shop named Martha and bros, and he became the barista of their café at the age of 12 and became a roaster at 18; now, he is the owner of one of the best coffee shops in San Francisco.

Flywheel coffee shops in San Francisco

Flywheel coffee shops in San Francisco

The café is designed with a theme of wood and a minimal atmosphere. Because of Aquiles Guerrero’s great experience, he serves the best coffees to their customers, gathering their beans from countries like Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and Kenya and overseen by Flywheel’s master roaster Stephen Beebout.

Sight glass

The coffee shop gathers the best coffee beans from all over the world only because the owner wants to serve the best to their customers.

They hire the best baristas from all over the country who host free cupping to their customers and offer brewing classes. These features make sight glass one of the best coffee shops in San Francisco.

Ritual coffee shop

Ritual has made a considerable reputation in San Francisco since its opening in 2006 by producing coffee buff beans.

Beans are sourced from Kenya, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Guatemala, and as you are aware, these countries produce the best coffee beans and offer five pour-over flavors daily.

Ritual coffee shop

Ritual coffee shop

On the ever-rotating menu, coffee lend tout tasting notes of caramel apple, Rocky Road ice cream, and citrus; another blend might compare to chocolate orange, honeydew, and sweet mint. Coffee lovers can test their palates at regular cuppings and public tastings.

These reasons are enough to announce ritual coffee shops as number 9 on the list of best coffee shops in San Francisco.


The first public library first inspired this café in France. 1500 square is open for the guys who want to work with their laptop or read a book, newspaper, etc. with a cup of single-origin coffee

this coffee shop serves different variations of pour-overs and espresso, besides well-cooked pastries and sandwiches.

Finally, we finished our list of the top 10 best coffee shops in San Francisco with mazarine.

Mazarine coffee shop

Mazarine coffee shop

In the end

San Francisco’s not the kind of city that you should get away from it. It would be best if you had fun in every spot of this city with your friends, your family or by yourself. But you will need a cup of coffee; we are sure about that.

With the help of this article which our team gathered together, you can easily find the best coffee shop in San Francisco that matches your standards.

Thanks for reading our article about the best coffee shops in San Francisco. If you have any experience with coffee shops in San Francisco, please share it with us.