Best coffee shops in Qatar

Do you like coffee? Absolutely you do.

Coffee is a brewed drink made from the coffee beans that roasters produce. Qatar is one of the main spots for coffee lovers.

They produce or gather the best coffee beans from all over the world and make one of the best coffees all across the world.

It depends on what kind of coffee shop you like. Cozy, luxurious or etc. besides you can taste different Arabic dishes while you are enjoying well-pored espresso

Today we are going to introduce the best coffee shops in Qatar.

Best coffee shops in Qatar

Best coffee shops in Qatar

We are going to add all kinds of coffee shops to make your readers happy about reading our article.

So, let’s start introducing the top 6 best coffee shops in Qatar.

Best coffee shops in Qatar (+6 Top cafes)

  1. Al shurfa
  2. Angelina
  3. Espression by lavaza
  4. Mokarabia
  5. Nomad coffee
  6. Café 42

Al shurfa

This is the coziest coffee shop that you can visit in Doha which steals first place on the list of top 6 best coffee shops in Qatar.

The staff of the coffee shop is so warm and friendly and has a large and fresh atmosphere that has a great view of the city while you are drinking a great coffee made by the best baristas of Qatar and the best coffee beans that are gathered from all over the world.

Al shurfa is located in al jomrok boutique hotel, Souq waqif

This place totally deserves to be placed as number one on the list of best coffee shops in Qatar.


If you are looking for the most luxurious coffee shop in Qatar then Angelina is your place. This place is really sticks up to its name by its angelic design and decoration.

When you step inside the café it feels like you are a king/queen stepping inside his/her castle Again, they hired the best baristas in the business and worked with the best roasters just to defend the prestige of the brand.

This café is located in gate mall, west way and also has different branches in another cities.

These factors prove that Angelina should be considered as one of the best coffee shops in Qatar.

Espression by lavaza

Let me introduce you to number 3 on the list of top 6 best coffee shops in Qatar.

Espression by lavaza in Qatar

Espression by lavaza in Qatar

If we wanted to make the list of best-tasting coffee in the Qatar espression would absolutely deserve the number 1 on the list.

If you ask my opinion the decoration and the seats are not as good as the other things on the list.

They design the café very simple with red and white colors but there is no doubt about the quality of their coffee

We recommend you take away your coffee and have fun.

Espression is located in gate mall.


The main reasons for the popularity of Mokarabia are the cozy space and good taste in music.

But we cannot just forget the perfect quality of this café.

Mokarabia is located in the ritzy Doha. Originally this café started its own business half a century ago in Italy.

One of the positive points of this café is the little library that the owner of the café offers to the customers so they can read books while sipping their coffee.

And another positive fact that they have is the variety of the menu. They have all kinds of pastries, sandwiches, etc.

By the way, it’s a recommendation from our team. you cannot beat the heat of Doha without the iced mocha of the mokarabia.

Mokarabia in Qatar

Mokarabia in Qatar

We think that these reasons are enough to introduce mokarabia as one of the best coffee shops In Qatar.

Nomad coffee

There is an amazing coffee choice in their menu for coffee lovers. They gathered their coffee beans from all over the world.

The best seller of nomad coffee is their signature blend which is a coffee with cinnamon and cardamom. Anyway, it depends on your taste if you want to drink a classic shot of espresso or a flat white.

Nomad is a small and again one of the coziest coffee shops in Qatar. And their prices are very reasonable

This coffee shop is located in the tunnel that connects the Souq Waqif and the Msheireb.

Café 42

Known as one of the pioneers of specialty coffee. Café 42 is located right outside Al Emadi Hospital on D-Ring Road.

Café 42 is one of those coffee shops that you won’t regret visiting. With the help of its friendly staff that always put on a smiley face and the quick service, they will make you feel like you are at the home.

They are also known for having delicious beverages such as well brewed arabica coffee beans and different variations of pastries, sandwiches and etc.

Best coffee shops in Qatar

Best coffee shops in Qatar

These features that we mentioned above make café 42 one of the best coffee shops in Qatar.

In the end

Coffee is a lifestyle. It’s one the greatest ways to get away from the crowd of the city, the booziness, the tiredness. Coffee is the best choice.

Well, you don’t want to drink a bad coffee, right? So, you should visit a good place, we mean a good coffee shop to drink a good coffee.

A bad coffee not only doesn’t get your tiredness it makes you more tired than before. Especially in the cities of Qatar.

For example, Doha. yeah, it’s beautiful but you should work, study and etc. life is like a marathon in cities like this. You need an energy resource so you can continue the path. And that resource is coffee.

Thanks for reading our article about the best coffee shops in Qatar. If you have any experience with the best coffee shops in Qatar, we would be happy if you share it with us.