Best Coffee Shops in D.C.

Hello friends, in this text, we want to review 15 of the Best Coffee Shops in D.C. if you are ready, let’s get started.

No one can deny that the coffee shop and the restaurant play a significant role in our lives. Not because they add to our daily earnings but because they help us gather our thoughts, sit with friends, create memories, and finally enjoy yummy cakes and tasty coffees.

For about two years, due to the outbreak of the pandemic, a lot of coffee shops around the world suffered. We all stayed indoors and never got the chance to visit the best coffee shops, have fun, or even sit alone and enjoy our cup of coffee.

Now that things have improved, we see that the world is alive again. People smile; they love to walk in the country, go shopping, meet friends in coffee shops and have fun.


Best Coffee Shops in D.C.

Best Coffee Shops in D.C.

In this regard, we are happy to mention some of the best coffee shops in D.C., where people are cafe freaks. A lot indeed happens over a cup of coffee, so we can also say that coffee shops are an excellent spot for significant and severe meetings and decisions.

The Best Coffee Shops in D.C.

Coffee lovers always find the best coffee shops, no matter where they are. And we got some of the best ones in D.C. worth mentioning.

Glue your eyes to the screen till we highlight these coffee shops where you can visit and enjoy your cup of coffee or have fun and gather with your friends and family members.

The Takoma Beverage Company

You can find this fantastic coffee shop in D.C. further from the Northside Social alums. The coffee shop was initially small, but due to high demand, it increased its space and made bigger rooms for more visitors.

You can visit the coffee shop and sit in the venue, or you can order and pick up and leave. It’s all based on your choice and preference.

Lost Stock Coffee Shop

The coffee shop opened initially in 2021. It is known to be a very comfortable cafe that even serves pour-overs and showcases beans from South America and Ecuador.


Lost Stock Coffee Shop

Lost Stock Coffee Shop

It is a highly demanded and populated coffee shop, so join the crowd and be a member of this unique coffee shop in D.C.

The Culture Coffee Too

A great place with friendly personnel and lovely cakes that leave your mouth watering. It is a small coffee shop that has invested a lot in arts as well as servings with live music.

Qualia Coffee shop

It is a small batch roaster in D.C. that everyone loves and respects. Qualia coffee shop mainly operates a small storefront in Pet worth along with an outpost in Eckington, and both the places are open for picking up your orders.

Qualia Coffee shop

Qualia Coffee shop

Beans from this coffee shop arrive from Ethiopia as well as countries in Latin America. The coffee shop offers local delivery as well.

Royal Coffee Shop DC

Royal is D.C. is considered one of the first places in the scene to open up an all-day cafe niche. Drink counterculture coffee and matcha latte in the morning, and don’t forget to add breakfast sandwiches and arepas. There is also a $ 7 bottomless drip. Order your takeaway here.

Roast Boon Co Coffee Shop in D.C.

This Eritrea-owned coffee shop opened in the summer of 2020 at the bustling show intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and 11th Street Northwest.

It has a touchscreen roaster that extracts aromas from coffee beans from Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil. Fresh baguettes from a local bakery deliver goods daily. La Cosecha is located in the Latin American market,

Café Unido

Café Unido is the first U.S. location in Panama’s coffee chain. Founders Benito Bermuda and Mario Castrelon, a chef on the San Pellegrino list of the top 50 restaurants in Latin America, procure beans directly from Panama producers and make a portion of their proceeds from social and environmental projects. Donate to.

Café Unido

Café Unido


Third Coast Coffee’s signature espresso and its mud cap Six One Six Drip Coffee, Slipstream, sells single-origin coffee with a carafe with a helpful card. The original Logan Circle features a terrace with spectacular views of the bustling corners of 14th Street N.W. and an internal window over the wall that is exposed to natural light.

It should be mentioned that toast and light bowls are some of the best in town here, and the cafe turns into a restaurant and cocktail bar at night. There is a Brothers Cafe in a new location in the Navy Yard and downtown. Pre-order here for the collection.

Sweet Science Coffee

Formerly Adams Morgan Popup is now NoMa’s standalone coffee shop, using a variety of brewing equipment such as Aero Press, V60, Chemex, French Press, Siphon, and Kalita Wave Dripper.

The range of change shows love for local roasters and beans from Kenya, Guatemala, Honduras, and last but not least, El Salvador. The second place was in the former Java Shack Arlington. Please order the pickup from here.

Dua Coffee DC

This Jakarta-based coffee company opened its first U.S. base in downtown Washington, D.C., with four bases in Indonesia in 2019. There are fluffy toasts reminiscent of milk bread and crispy spring rolls stuffed with bananas and melted chocolate.

Sidamo Coffee & Tea

This fantastic coffee shop is located on H Street NE, and this cafe is part of Washington, D.C.’s essential Ethiopian food and drink scene.

Sidamo Coffee & Tea

Sidamo Coffee & Tea

In addition to espresso drinks like fern macchiato, the café serves chai and loose-leaf tea in a pot, where you can stay and relax for a while. Smoothies and sandwiches are also available for breakfast and lunch.


Erik Bruner-Yang’s eclectic Taiwanese and Cambodian restaurant at H Street NE offers a variety of dishes. Marquette has a cafe component that sells streetwear, houses record stores, and brews local roasts.

RĀKO Coffee Shop

RĀKO Coffee Roasters, a Virginia-based, women-owned, and operated company, opened an all-day coffee shop in Clarendon in 2021.

After breakfast and brunch, the cafe will switch to serving a glass of wine, cocktails, and cheeseboards late in the afternoon. There is a Capitol Hill pop-up on 27 Independence Avenue S.E., with new stores near Studio Theater’s 14th Street and Crystal City’s Amazon HQ2.

LA Coop Coffee

Family comes to mind once we hear the name, LA Coop. The founder of this coffee shop is Juan Luis Salazar. You can find this coffee shop operating right outside the quaint Manor Park house in D.C.

LA Coop Coffee

LA Coop Coffee

Go ahead and visit this coffee shop and enjoy Colombian-style empanadas, bagels, and pizzas made in New York style. Sounds tempting already.

Swing’s Coffee

With over a century of history in Washington, D.C., Swing’s Coffee Roasters has multiple locations. It is a flagship store in an industrial area with two downtown areas and Del Rey windows. The coffee bar in Alexandria Building has a free cupping lab offering cold brewer refills.

Now that we have mentioned some of the best coffee shops in D.C. do let us know which one is your favorite and which one would you like to try.