Nescafe and All That You Didn’t Know About It !

A lot of us drink coffee today, and some drink it for fun, some drink it while they are working, some drink it because they are almost addicted to coffee, and without coffee, they are tired and almost frustrated. among the different types of coffees available, we choose to drink Nescafe most.

It can be due to our taste and preference or because of its nature and the benefits it provides us. Nescafe, which we all love today, has a long history. It is a well-known coffee brand that is basically made by Nestle.

Luckily today, we are able to find Nescafe coffee in different shapes and even sizes. The packaging of that is so interesting that people never stop buying Nescafe firstly for its amazing taste and secondly for the interesting shapes it has.

Nescafe Gold


It is interesting to know that since it is made by Nestle, the name also comes from nestle and cafe making the work Nescafe. It has been stated that the history of Nescafe goes back to the year 1960. Later by the passage of time, nestle was able to introduce a new brand which was known as Tasters choice, in the regions of Canada and even the United States.

One interesting fact about Nescafe is that it became one of the most favorites and demanded coffee for Americans, especially during World War II.

There are a lot of interesting facts about this amazing coffee. It has been stated that in the year 1929, Nestle had been challenged to be able to help in order to preserve the coffee beans in Brazil that faced surplus during those days. Nestle successfully accepted the challenge.

Nescafe Became Demanded by All

 It is a coffee that is served in almost all cafes and coffee shops globally. Everyone loves the taste of that coffee, and this is the sole reason the coffee is highly demanded. Even Edmond Hillary had the can of Nescafe with him on Mount Everest in the year 1953.

So you can trace the history of Nescafe back to those years. A lot of questions have been raised regarding Nescafe being safe or not. Nescafe is considered to be an instant coffee that gained the love and demand of the market really fast.

Another reason Nescafe became very popular is due to the fact that it is a fast process, and it is considered to be an instant coffee which is cheaper compared to the rest of the coffees available.

Looking at Nescafe, there are a lot of health benefits associated with it as well. So this makes it clear why that is so much demanded. It has more than 5000 products worldwide in more than 150 countries, and every minute globally, about 5500 cups of Nescafe coffee is being enjoyed by coffee lovers.


Well, this is a great number and shows how much of the market they have acquired successfully. Due to many factors, Nescafe was able to grab 37% of the market share successfully. According to the global instant coffee market look, Nestle is a market leader with its product that is Nescafe coffee.

Nescafe was successful due to the fact that people love coffee more than any other drink. It goes well in gatherings, meetings, or even to ease the mood.

The demand for coffee is high, and this has led to the growth of coffee, specialty coffees like Nescafe, which are instant and take no time to be made. So this makes it even a better option, especially for the working sector who need a cup of coffee on their way to the office as well.

With a great marketing strategy, they have kept their highly demanded tasty coffee at a cost that will be affordable to all.

Why Is Nescafe Wanted by All as an Instant Coffee?

Apart from great taste and fast preparation, Nescafe is also very rich in nutrients and antioxidants. You will hear a lot of Coffee lovers say that they love Nescafe more than any other coffee, and it is their number one choice. So if you are a that lover too, then read the following to know more about your desired coffee.

Nescafe contains less caffeine, and this is a major plus point in its category as too much caffeine is not good for health. So this makes Nescafe more demanded.

Other health benefits of Nescafe as an instant coffee are stated as below such as;

  • Nescafe, as an instant coffee, has the ability to enhance brain function.
  • It has the potential of reducing all the risks and diseases, so why not consume Nescafe?
  • It has been stated that Nescafe has the potential of decreasing the risk of diabetes and preventing the development of type 2 diabetes.
  • Finally, it should be added that Nescafe also has the potential of improving the health of the liver in the consumers, the mental health, and finally, it also promotes longevity.

A lot can be told about a coffee by reading about its history. Nescafe was initially launched in Switzerland, and then it started being sent off to other countries such as France, the United Kingdom, and now worldwide.

Who would think that one day a simple yet amazing coffee which needs boiling water on it will make the world go crazy for it? No one. But the fact is that Nescafe has won the hearts of all irresponsible of as and even gender.

Nescafe Coffee

That coffee is a great option during work meetings or dates; after all, as they said, a lot can happen over a cup of coffee. So let it be a Nescafe coffee. Why not?

Is Nescafe Good for Losing Weight?

Some of you may ask the same question whether it is good for weight loss or not. A lot of people drink Nescafe just to boost energy. But can it actually help in losing weight? This is the main concern now.

Often some people think that coffee or even green tea has the entire potential of doing magic and making a person thin in a short period of time without any additional efforts from the individual itself.

In some cases, some people eat everything, and then instead, they consume a lot of Nescafe coffee daily, thinking that coffee will burn all the fat and they will lose weight. This is extremely wrong, and in this way, the individual will end up harming himself more than losing weight instead.

It is true that Nescafe has less caffeine content than normal coffee, but this does not mean it does not lose weight at all. It helps in losing weight to some extent. It has been stated that caffeine in Nescafe can interact with the nervous system of humans, and this is how it helps in weight loss.

As we know, caffeine has the potential of mobilizing the lipids in the human body. A lot of us drink coffee when we are stressed or tired badly. Caffeine is a stress buster as well and helps to soothe and ease the mood of a coffee lover.

Nescafe does not directly lose weight. It can reduce the appetite and then slowly once you start eating less; this is how you actually lose weight in reality. On the other hand, caffeine also boosts the metabolic rate in humans, and this results in the breakdown of calories.

Now you know how caffeine present in Nescafe helps in reducing weight. Go on and order the best Nescafe coffee next time you meet a friend or even during your meetings. Allow Nescafe to boost your mood and energy, and you do the rest.

Among Nescafe products, you can find a variety that can actually help you in the process of software weight loss. You can go for Nescafe protect proslim, which is an amazing product of Nescafe and it is very well rounded with the rounded aromatic instant.

Coffee Nescafe

Apart from this, the white kidney bean extract has the potential to help in the process of weight loss and reduce the absorption of fat in the body.

Another great option is the Nescafe black roast instant coffee which is said to be very rich and is made from nothing but dark roasted beans. If you are on a diet, this is the best choice of coffee for you.

On the other hand, there have been a lot of frequently asked questions regarding Nescafe as well. Some people ask whether Nescafe makes you gain weight, where the answer is absolutely not. The Nescafe products do not have much fat to make you gain weight.

The Marketing Strategy of Nescafe Coffee

Every company has its advertising agency, no matter what type of product they sell. It coffee is no exception at all, and they too have their marketing strategies. Nescafe has been successful in using the strategies for demographic, geographic, and even psychographics in its marketing strategies.

It is one of the oldest coffee companies that have worked strongly to date, commands a major share of the market successfully, and is present today in more than 180 countries worldwide, along with a very high mind awareness.

Nescafe coffee shares its samples and even offerings to people through different channels and not only one, and this can be one of the reasons they are doing well in the market today.

You may ask how? Well, Nescafe sells its coffees in the market, sells it via wholesalers, and even makes you buy the coffee from the vending machines outside, isn’t it? This is how you buy the product directly or indirectly due to the fact that you like the quality of the coffee and you are a brand loyal client.

Nescafe, which is under Nestle, is another excellent step taken by the company. In the year 1965, Nestle also introduced a new brand of Nescafe coffee, namely the Nescafe Gold, which was simply nothing but freeze-dried beans of coffee.

Gold Nescafe

Further discussing the greatness of the company, we can add that Nescafe was successful in being ranked as 153rd in the most trusted brand in India according to the Brand Trust Report, which was a study that was conducted by the trust research advisory.

According to Forbes, that has a brand value of about $29.4B, and also it has its headquarter in Vevey. The company, as stated earlier, is under Nestle, and it is one of the largest industries in the food company to date.

What Are the Best Products of Nescafe?

Everyone desires to go for the best. Even in Nescafe, you will be able to find different qualities, starting from normal ones to the best ones with high quality.

In the list of the best Nescafe products, we can say that the best in this category is amazing. You can opt for Nescafe gold, gold decaf, gold crema, gold cappuccino, gold latte and so on.

As you know all about Nescafe and its different types, now it is easier for you to understand the different types and their uses. Now you know why Nescafe is highly demanded and loved by all worldwide.

That is so good and rich in flavors that it is loved by all. One great thing about this unique brand is that it comes in different sticks and allows the consumers to even take Nescafe on the go.

You may have seen the Nescafe vanilla which is also an instant coffee that tastes exactly like a real coffee and has no bitter aftertaste at all.

Coffee beans Nescafe

The coffee tastes great as well. Go on and enjoy this amazing coffee that came to delight us with its taste about 80 years ago. The brand does not stop and it keeps on continuing to capture new trends and makes it even very relevant to the changing needs and desires of its customers.

On a final note it should be added that Nescafe has a very wide portfolio and it easily caters different segments till date. Are you a Nescafe lover as well? Which one do you prefer to consume more?

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