Best coffee shops in Chicago

As a multicultural city, Chicago today embodies America’s values and is recognized as a passionate sports town. Chicago is home to several roasteries that produce coffee beans for coffee shops in Chicago.

People who live in it have to relax after a stressful day. So coffee is the best option for the kind-hearted people of Chicago to stress out.

If you are living in Chicago and you had a stressful day or are planning to go on a trip to Chicago, stay with us so we can introduce you to the top 10 best coffee shops in Chicago.

Best coffee shops in Chicago

Best coffee shops in Chicago

Top 10 best coffee shops in Chicago

  1. Sol café
  2. Metropolis café co.
  3. Oromo café
  4. Metric café co.
  5. Sip & Savor
  6. Caffe streets
  7. Wormhole
  8. Sip of Hope
  9. Moonwalker café
  10. Build café

So let’s get started.

Sol café

First place on the list of top 10 best coffee shops in Chicago goes to sol café.

This place is filled with many plants that give you a positive vibe from the time you step inside the café. Sol has become a community hub for students, Computer workers, etc.

Sol café in Chicago

Sol café in Chicago

They serve high-quality coffee, detailed breakfast, and donuts. They do all variations of this food vegan.

Metropolis café co.

This family-owned café does a great business in Chicago these days.

The café company has its roasteries in Avondale. They founded the café in Edgewater in 2004 and have not moved since then.

You can visit this friendly place with your friend or by yourself to chill, read a book or work with your computer and let the world pass by.

Metropolis café company deserves second place on the list of the top 10 best coffee shops in Chicago.

Oromo café

This place is a united nation of coffee. Countries like Turkey, Italy, Japan, etc., are participating in giving Chicago unique coffee beans. This feature made Oromo number 3 on the top 10 best coffee shops in Chicago.

They serve an assortment of sandwiches, pastries, etc.

Best cafes in Chicago

Best cafes in Chicago

If you want to know the taste of quality, we highly recommend Oromo café.

Metric café co.

Metric is the true meaning of a dream with modernism. Its fantastic design metric attracts customers to itself and whispers to our eras why it placed in 4 on the list of top 10 best coffee shops in Chicago.

Darko Arandjelovic and former Intelligentsia roasting manager Xavier are names behind the metric. They have their roasting facility located on Fulton Street.

Metric is an excellent destination for lazy Saturday mornings because of the quiet streets is located.

Sip & Savor

The founder Trez Pugh created one of the most significant coffee communities in Chicago that deserved to be placed among the top 10 best coffee shops in Chicago.

He tries to empower his community by creating new jobs and gathering people together in his charming, designed café.

Sip & Savor has 3 branches in Chicago. 2 of the branches are located on the south side of Hyde Park in Chicago, and the other is in the suburbs.

Sip & Savor

Sip & Savor

The favorite drink voted by the customers is the bullfrog mocha with the chocolate sauce and wiped cream.

Caffe streets

A living proof that not every coffee shop must take its inspiration from the 90s, Caffe streets took inspiration from European cafés, made a significant impact, and became one of the best coffee shops in Chicago.

An excellent coffee bean selection makes Caffe Street coffees different from the others.

The customers’ vote says that the best item on the menu is a latte with a pillowy vegan doughnut.

Caffe streets in chicago

Caffe streets in chicago


Everyone listens to us. Have you heard of a café with the theme of time travel? Sounds interesting, right?

A wormhole is that exciting place that we were talking about. This place deserves the seven spots on the top 10 best coffee shops in Chicago.

A wormhole is located between Evergreen Ave and Honore St. if you see a DeLorean at the entrance of the café, don’t be shocked as we said this cafe’s theme is time travel.

They serve different variations of cereals and pastries; besides, they have a very serious barista who uses high-quality roasted beans to make your travel between dimensions much funnier.

Sip of Hope

If we don’t consider the quality of the cafes ahead, the sip of Hope deserves a better place because of the good deed they have on the list of top 10 best coffee shops in Chicago.

A sip of Hope is the first coffee shop that donates 100 percent of the proceeds to proactive suicide prevention and mental health education.

Sip of Hope

Sip of Hope

They offer various sections of specialized coffee to their customers.

Moonwalker café

Arlene Luna and Jack Blue are the founders of the moonwalker café. They lived in California, but then they moved to Chicago and found number 9 on the top 10 best coffee shops in Chicago.

This gorgeous café is located in Avondale.

With his welcoming atmosphere, the moonwalker became one of the main hotspots for teenagers and students.

They have a comprehensive and full menu that you can order different variations of coffees; for example, the hidden gem of the café is an almond joy-inspired latte made from mocha syrup, a blend of coconut and almond syrup. And you can order all kinds of sandwiches if you are not a coffee person.

Build café

Have you ever heard of a café that is a bookshop, event space, and community hub?

Build café is located in Woodlawn inside the experimental station. This café gives you amazing positive energy because of the nature surrounding the customers.

Iced cardamom rose latte would be a great option considering the atmosphere of the café

The theme of the building café is the main reason why we placed it among the best coffee shops in Chicago.

Best coffee shops in Chicago

Best coffee shops in Chicago

In the end

The places we mentioned above are the best coffee shops in Chicago. That our group highly recommends these fantastic places to you.

If someday you want to visit Chicago and want to drink a sip of high-quality coffee in a pleasant atmosphere, have another look at our document.

You can have a great vacation with the help of a cup of coffee and our list of the best coffee shops in Chicago.

Thanks for reading our document. If you have any experience with coffee shops in Chicago, please share it with us.