Best coffee shops in Madrid

Madrid is a significant and populated city. Yet it’s so easy to find a coffee shop. But finding a café that Matches your criteria is a little

So, it would be best if you searched through the city to find your dream place to enjoy your day with a cup of coffee.

The first thing you should know about the coffee shops in Madrid is that coffee drinks are classified as how much milk they use in their coffee. This criterion only applies to classic coffee.

There is a distinction between the classification of conventional coffee and specialty coffee. This ranges from milk-free coffee to the café Manchado, which contains a splash of coffee.

Best coffee shops in Madrid

Best coffee shops in Madrid

So, let’s start and name the best coffee shops in Madrid.

Top 10 best coffee shops in Madrid

As was said before, coffee has emerged as a popular beverage choice among individuals of all ages.

Especially those who go to a variety of nations are interested in learning about renowned cafes and taking pleasure in sipping coffee in the destination country.

The following is a list that we have compiled for you about some of the most well-known cafés in Madrid, and we highly recommend that you read it:

  1. la Bicicleta
  2. la colectivacafe
  3. Plantate café
  4. Pocono
  5. Bianchi kisosko
  6. Hola café
  7. Mision café
  8. Toma café
  9. Hanzo café
  10. Lolina café

la Bicicleta

This café is the favorite among teens and the crowd of Madrid and is one of the best coffee shops in Madrid.

This airish café offers you high-quality and 100% organic specialty coffee and plenty of vegan options.

La Bicicleta is located in the charming plaza just a stone’s throw away from Gran Vía. La Bicileta has another branch in Madrid. We can say all of the la Bicicleta branches are very charming and worth visiting.

This coffee shop deserves the first spot on our top 10 best coffee shops in Madrid.

la colectiva cafe

The best coffee shop in Madrid is the second café on our list, la colectiva café. Locals are in love with la colectiva café, founded by their neighborhood friends from Buenos Aires, Juan, and Pablo. In 2017 they decided to found la colectiva.

la colectiva cafe in madrid

la colectiva cafe in madrid

They believe that the friendly people of Madrid needed a calming space where people could work, relax and have fun with their friends and family while drinking a hot cup of coffee.

La colectiva is located in the chamber, the epicenter of Madrid’s coffee scene.

Plantate café

Kevin is another ex-pat who has had a significant impact on the coffee scene of Madrid. Kevin is originally from Canada and moved to lava pits in 2008, which ended up the birth of the plant, one of the best coffee shops in Madrid today.

Kevin and the baristas who work on the plantation have seen courses with the top roasters of London.

As you can see, plantate lives up to his name. While giving the customer a great cup of coffee, they sell different plants like cactuses.


One of the best coffee shops in all of Madrid is called “Pocono,” located in La Latina’s neighborhood. It’s just at the entrance to the Rastro flea market.

Carlos founds Pocono is a Venezuelan-born genius and his son. This cozy and family-run café is a great hot spot for someone who wants to drink high-quality coffee.

Pocono has an amiable space with very comfy couches. They have special barista training courses too.

Because of that, every latte they give their customers has a unique foam design.

This place gives you vibes of home.

Bianchi kisosko

Let me introduce the 5 of Madrid’s top 10 best coffee shops. This café was first founded by an Italian DJ and a, Sandro Bianchi.

Charismatic owners are one the main reasons why most Madrid people prefer Bianchi kisoko and the other reason is high-quality coffee.

Bianchi kisosko coffee shop in madrid

Bianchi kisosko coffee shop in madrid

They are true believers in the third wave of the coffee movement means they give a lot of attention to the coffee beans. They offer different kinds of traditional and continental foods.

If you want our opinion, we highly recommend that my friends visit Bianchi kisoko once you head to Madrid.

Hola café

Pablo caballero (2016-2018 world barista champion) and nolo botana (2017 Spanish roasting champion) are some of Madrid’s most well-known people in the coffee scene.

They were among the first people who brought specialty coffee to Madrid and founded the number 6 of our top 10 best coffee shops in Madrid: Hola café.

The quality of the coffee and atmosphere meet each other halfway, making Hola coffee one the best in the business.

Mision café

Same quality, same persons. Mission café was founded by the owners of the Hola café, Pablo Caballero and nolo botana, and it can be said that this café is the best coffee shop in Madrid too.

The atmosphere of each cafe looks like a lot. They serve Hola’s single-origin coffee to their customers.

Toma café

The other best coffee shop in Madrid serves excellent specialty coffee at great prices. Toma is one of the cafés to you have to visit.

They can be found at the Malasana outpost, which has just opened a second site in Chamber.

In Madrid, they roast their coffee beans and sell beverages that may be difficult to get elsewhere, like cold brew.

Toma café cafe in madrid

Toma café cafe in madrid

Toma offers workshops for persons who they coffee love praised to another level.

If you can’t forget the taste of their coffee and you have to leave Madrid, don’t worry. You can order it online. Toma is always with you.

Hanzo café

This charming café is the true meaning of combining two cultures. The combination of Chinese and Spanish culture lead to the birth of HanSo café, the other best coffee shop in Madrid.

The Chinese family serves the best coffees from the best roasters at the business besides the Spanish foods and traditional Chinese culture.

This is one of the best coffee shops in Madrid for someone who seeks a different atmosphere.

Lolina café

The last best coffee shop in Madrid in our list that gives you the vibe of the 60s. Lolina café is made for people seeking a good time with their friends. The vintage theme of the café makes you travel through time.

Lolina café madrid

Lolina café Madrid

If you are a coffee geek, you should go somewhere else.

In the end

It depends on Whether you are at a traditional or specialty coffee shop; your options will differ.

You should know the differences in Spain if you are searching for your dream coffee and coffee shop.

All the places we mentioned in this document are one of the best coffee shops in Madrid without making any difference.

Thanks for reading our document, and if you have any experiences with coffee shops in Madrid, please share them with us.