Nespresso Lattissima Pro Review

A significant amount of technological advancement in recent times. It is not only in the business of smartphones or laptops but also in the coffee industry.

Espresso machines are constantly evolving, and as time goes on, they are getting much more advanced than in the past.

If you are aware of the coffee industry, making a latte is pretty tricky because, besides the espresso, you have to make foam for your latte and design it with latte art.

The same goes for the cappuccino, but you only have to make a foam beside the espresso, so it’s not that hard to make it, but you have to practice hard to make the perfect foam.

Now with enhancements of the tech and its combination with the coffee industry, companies made different machines that can make latte and cappuccino named Nespresso lattisisma pro.

Nespresso lattisisma pro

Nespresso lattisisma pro

But we know that many questions are going around your head. Is it worth the price to buy this machine? Don’t worry at all. We are gathered here to talk about the Nespresso lattisisma pro review.

Now that we have everything out of the way let’s start talking about this product.

First, let’s look at the product’s features and capabilities, and then we can get into more detail about it.

Specifications of Nespresso lattisisma pro

  • Weight: 12.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.6 x 13 x 10.8 inches
  • Pressure: 19 bars
  • Tech settings: touch screen and seven buttons with different variations
  • The capacity of the water tank: 44 ounces
  • Capsule capacity: 13-15 capsules
  • The power of power-saving: up to 9- 30 minutes
  • Type of the capsule: Nespresso original
  • Warranty of the product: 1 year

The design of the Nespresso lattisisma pro product

Nespresso lattisisma pro is one of the well-designed coffee machines in the coffee industry. It has a unique black and gray design, which is very delightful.

Nespresso lattisisma pro weighed 12.6 pounds, heavier than most other coffee-related machines. It screams that “I’m expensive,” and the touch screen is very well placed.

Nespresso lattisisma pro

Nespresso lattisisma pro

The milk frothier, which makes the foams for the latte and cappuccino or anything related, is placed on the front side of the machine.

The water reservoir of the Nespresso lattisisma pro is placed in the back of the device, which you cannot reach that easily, but don’t worry, you do not have much to do with it.

The price of the Nespresso lattisisma pro product

Well, we don’t want to make you sad about the price, but you can guess that machines like this, which have tons of useful features, are not cheap suitable? We think you do.

Yes, the price of the Nespresso lattisisma pro is pretty high. But if you can afford it, you can make some of the best espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and anything you can think of with the best quality.

Settings of the Nespresso lattisisma pro product

As we said, Nespresso lattisisma pro has many valuable options that we will discuss in this paragraph. Nespresso lattisisma pro-offers one of the best controls over the brews among the other machines.

You can choose what kind of drink you want to make using the touch screen. Then after that, you can play around with the settings, such as selecting the level of hardness of the water, emptying the fluids, checking on the machine’s maintenance, and reprogramming the amount of liquid that should be dispensed per serving.



Nespresso lattisisma pro’s touch screen is pretty sensitive and gets activated very quickly; also, managing the touch screen is a little more complicated than the other Nespresso machines. Still, you will probably not need manual settings because the machine will do everything for you.

You can brew different variations of coffees such as milk-based coffees such as latte, cappuccino, ice latte, ice mocha, and regular coffees such as espresso, americano, and ice americano.

There are buttons on Nespresso lattisisma pro to have boiling water or milk. You can make different drinks, such as tea variations or other beverages.

Also, the Nespresso lattisisma pro will warn you when you have some problems with the device, for example, when your water reservoir becomes full.

The quality of the Nespresso lattisisma pro product

Besides the excellent design and features that Nespresso lattisisma pro captured inside itself, it serves one of the best coffees an espresso machine can do.

Nespresso lattisisma pro

Nespresso lattisisma pro

This Nespresso machine is compatible with various capsules, allowing you to enjoy multiple delectable flavors. You will pass out as soon as you inhale the scent of the coffee.

We have to say that neither the machine nor the capsules are not cheap, and they are pretty expensive, so when you want to purchase them, keep the prices in your mind.

The warranty of the Nespresso lattisisma pro product

If your Nespresso lattisisma pro is not working correctly, you do not have to worry about it unless your contract is not expired.

If your Nespresso lattisisma pro is broken and producers will assure you to fix it and give it back to you as new as the first day you bought it

The last words

Nespresso lattisisma pro is one of the best machines that you can find in the coffee industry. As we said, the black and gray design and the placement of the product’s features are unique and make the user buy it in the end.

We should indeed take into account the fact that it is expensive, which is one of the primary reasons why people choose not to purchase this product; however, if you are in a position to do so, you will enjoy the incredible sensation of drinking a good cup of coffee if you can purchase it.

Nespresso lattisisma pro

Nespresso lattisisma pro

When we say good, we mean it. You can make different variations of coffees that we mentioned above and even other drinks made of hot substances such as teas.

Thanks for reading our article about Nespresso lattisisma pro review. We hope these articles will be helpful for you guys in the future.

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