Best coffee shops in Baguio

Gone are the hard days when we forgot the colors of the beautiful walls of coffee shops, restaurants, malls, and even entertainment places. The outbreak of the pandemic taught us how to value the things we have.

Now we can simply sit at our favorite coffee shop in Baguio and enjoy our coffee or just sit there and relax. Some of us do love gatherings, and coffee shops are an excellent place to gather with friends and family for some quality time, isn’t it?

Having the chance to enjoy an amazing coffee from a great coffee shop is what we all love and desire. Either before work or after work, a cup of coffee with s yummy piece of cake is bliss. Whether you sit in the coffee shop or go for a takeaway, a good coffee shop is always demanded.

The 10 best coffee shops in Baguio

We are pleased that this classic spot continues to move forward as many Baguio cafes shook during the pandemic. Kaffee klatsch Baguio is a cozy cafe with an extensive coffee and tea menu, and large chain stores look relatively small. Baguio’s coffee gossip attracts nearby students and young people looking for a place to relax and unwind.

Best coffee shops in Baguio

Best coffee shops in Baguio

One of the main reasons coffee shops have become so popular over the last decade is the sense of comfort and relaxation they can offer. This sentiment is especially common when comparing coffee shops to other competing locations such as restaurants, dive bars, and fast food chains.

The coffee shop offers a unique and quiet atmosphere where you can get together with family and friends to catch up with the warmth. Coffee shops are often centrally accessible, making them ideal for socializing and often helping strengthen the community and make new friends and connections.

In the digital age, communication is often done through screens, and cafes provide a gentle smile to those who feel isolated.

These locations also serve as a multifunctional space for hosting events, supporting events, and bringing the local community together.

Coffee Shops Worth Mentioning

Some of the best coffee shops that you can enjoy yourself are stated as below such as:

At any time of the year, Baguio is an excellent weather vacation spot perfect for enjoying a cup of hot coffee or chocolate. If you plan to go to Baguio this weekend and have a coffee, here are some of the best Baguio cafes to visit.

Tsukolateria Happy Concept Restaurant group Tsukolateria is a fascinating place for chocolate lovers. Go beyond your love for chocolate and connect with SO with pasta, risotto, desserts, and chocolate dishes.

Best coffee shops in Baguio

Best coffee shops in Baguio

Notable drinks they offer are Tsuko Sili Martini, Sake with Lime and Cacao Nibs,

Tsuko Mallow, Baguio Brew Tsoko Barako

Cafe de Angelo in the backyard of the owner’s house, Cafe de Angelo by Kape Umali is a quiet garden-style restaurant that offers a cozy and relaxing atmosphere away from the city. There are indoor and outdoor dining areas.

Notable drinks they offer Thai cafe, hazelnut latte, French vanilla latte, basil cooler, nutty chocolate mocha, espresso SOLO, civet coffee, and Angelo blend.

Patch Cafe

Many young locals love Patch Cafe for its quirky interiors and delicious all-day breakfast fare. They also serve pizza, pasta, sandwiches, desserts, and hot and cold drinks.

Notable drinks they offer in this fantastic coffee shop in Baguio are Caramel Macchiato, Hazelnut Cappuccino, Iced Butterscotch Caramel, Matcha Greetea Latte, Spiced Chai Latte, Choco-Malt S’mores Milkshake, Red Velvet Milkshake.

Ayala Land Techno Hub

Everything Nice is a cafe-slash-restaurant serving all kinds of delicious comfort food, from Filipino breakfast dishes to Italian dinner plates.

They offer notable drinks Baguio Blend, Mochaccino, Coffee Espresso, Choco Mento, Choco Chili, Winter Ginger Tea, Oreos, and Cream Mocha, Ice Cafe Caramel.

Arca Garden Coffee Shop

Arca Garden Coffee Shop

Arca Garden Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is owned by artist Ninja Sabado, Arca’s Yard offers cafes, museums, mini-libraries, beds and breakfasts everywhere in a picturesque perfection. A must-see for tourists who want to enjoy the art and culture of Cordillera.

The courtyard is adorned with local works, paintings and photographs by Baguio artists. Offering a complete meal, dessert and coffee that you shouldn’t miss taking pictures with the beautiful interior of the cafe.

Vizco’S Restaurant and Cake Shop on Session Road

Vizio’s Restaurant and Cafe and Cake Shop is a signature, must-visit Baguio restaurant that serves up international comfort food dishes but mostly specializes in Italian dishes like pasta and pizza. Notable drinks they offer decaffeinated coffee, honeyed tea, and hot chocolate.

Sweet Stop-La Azotea Building

Sweet Stop was a small dessert kiosk along Session Road but eventually grew into a small coffee shop. A dessert paradise where you can enjoy pasta and breakfast. The La Azotea branch has a minimalist French bistro look and is suitable for Instagram.

Notable drinks they offer are almond localate, toffee nut latte, red raspberry frappe, and mocha for all loyal customers.

Cafe Near the Ruins of Shantag Road

Surrounded by nature, the abandoned cafe is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy delicious food over a cup of coffee. You can have a relaxing time with a calm atmosphere and gentle energy.

Cafe Near the Ruins of Shantag Road

Cafe Near the Ruins of Shantag Road

Hatch Coffee – Osterstrasse

Enjoy the sun and enjoy the perfect beer! The views and atmosphere of Hatch Coffee here are cozy, cozy, warm, and a great place to relax with your family.

Yummy drinks that you can\ enjoy in this coffee shop are cold brew latte, chai tea latte, and affogato.

Hoka Brew-Marcos Highway

Hoka Brew not only offers great drinks but also fills you! What do you want to do? Is it delicious like pizza, quesadillas, or shawarma? Or are they sweets such as Sundays, cheesecakes, and halo-halos? Notable drinks that can rock the testbed include hot chocolate, ice salt caramel, and strawberry milk.

Spend a great time with friends and family at one of the best cafes in Baguio! Don’t forget where to go. We recommend adding these coffee shops to your visiting list and creating some memories there.

It can happen anywhere. Therefore, in addition to working at a cafe, there are job interviews and business negotiations.

Best coffee shop Baguio

Best coffee shop Baguio

Business is not only based on the office. Meetings are well conducted in coffee shops as well.

Baguio continues to be the premier destination for Filipinos trying to escape the heat and hustle, and bustle of the city. The city has been reopened as a safe vacation destination, reducing travel time to just three hours.

The cafe as a social hub gives the feeling that the community is working together, rather than having two separate sides discussing the term, making people more open and willing to recognize other views and ideas. Visit the Baguio cafe, and you won’t regret it.