Illy vs. Lavazza

Coffee is one of the most essential drinks we people need for living better and having energy.

Besides giving power to humankind, it helps with situations such as increased heart rate, breathing, and mental alertness.

Besides these benefits, it’s very delicious too. You can drink the coffee with its natural sour and bitter taste, which changes from Arabica to Robusta, or if you don’t like these tastes, you can add whatever flavor you want to your coffee.

Today we will talk about the two most prominent brands in the coffee industry: Illy vs. Lavazza. Every coffee lover has heard these names once in their lifetime.

These Italian brands are known as the best coffee roasters in the world, but some differences make customers pick which one they will buy.

Illy vs. Lavazza

Illy vs. Lavazza

Today our main discussion is Illy vs. Lavazza: Which should you choose?

Before we head to the main compression between Illy vs. Lavazza, let’s gather some information about the brands we mentioned in the main title.

All about Illy

Illy was first found around 1933 by the hand of Francesco Illy in Italy. This fantastic coffee company is one of the best in the business and specializes in making Espresso.

The great company has its signature and excellent coffees in 3 different roasts: regular roast, dark roast, and decaf. It can be questioned inside your head what decaf is. No worries, we are here to explain.

Decaf is a kind of coffee roast. The company which is roasts the coffee removes some or all of the caffeine inside the coffee beans.

Also, Illy coffee roasters serve one of the best single-origin Arabica coffees to their customers, which they source from different countries: Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, India, and Ethiopia.

Illy Coffee

Illy Coffee

You have to know that these countries are the best ones in the business when we want to talk about coffee beans because the farmers in these countries know what they are doing.

Illy coffee roasters produce low caffeine single, origin coffee beans seasonally, which the farmers gather from the volcanic soil of El Salvador.

They pack their coffee beans inside metal packages and compact them with inert gas to keep the coffee inside fresher and better.

One of the main reasons for Illy coffee roasters’ excellent reputation is the 100% Arabica roasts they produce in different parts of the world.

Now that we gathered all kinds of information about Illy coffee roasters, it’s time to discuss this brand’s benefits and disadvantages.

Benefits of Illy

  1. The variety and the selection of the coffee blends are so good, and it’s one of the best benefits a coffee roaster can have.
  2. Illy serves its great coffee beans at the best prices so everyone can afford to purchase and know the taste of a good coffee.
  3. They gather their coffee beans from different countries in other parts of the world. We consider this a benefit because every country’s coffee has its unique aroma.

These are some of the best benefits of Illy coffee roasters and now let’s look at its disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Illy

  1. Illy usually doesn’t produce light roast coffee, one of the main weaknesses of Illy coffee roasters. They should consider that not everyone can or love to consume dark roast coffee.
  2. They have small selections of coffee beans.
  3. Well, Arabica is much better than Robusta if we want to compare them with each other, but it’s not a good idea to serve Arabica to their customers in case someone loves to drink Robusta.

Everything about Lavazza

Lavazza coffee roasters are one of the other companies known as one of the best ones in their business. The great Luigi Lavazza first founded Lavazza around 1895 in Turin.

Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza coffee roasters specialize in making coffee suitable for the Moka pot.

As you can see, Illy and Lavazza both gather their coffee beans from different locations separated in other parts of the world. Still, the only difference is that Lavazza gets its coffee from more countries than Illy.

Lavazza coffee roasters gather their coffee beans from Costa Rica, Brazil, the US, Mexico, Uganda, Honduras, Guatemala, and Colombia.

They produce different kinds of coffee blends such as 100% arabica, 100% Robusta and blend of both, for example, 70-30.

Benefits of Lavazza

  1. One of the most vital points of Lavazza is that they produce different kinds of blends and single-origin coffee, which makes the coffee suitable for different tastes.
  2. The other benefit of the Lavazza coffee roasters is that the company offers different variations of Arabica and Robusta.
  3. One of the reasons that everyone considers Lavazza one of the best coffee roasting industries is that they focus on the sustainability of the coffee they produce.

Disadvantages of Lavazza

  1. They have a small selection of coffee makes, which is a negative point.
  2. One of the main disadvantages of Lavazza coffee roasting is that they have an unbalanced roasting level.
  3. They do have not many pre grounds options the way Illy has.

Now that we discussed everything about Illy and Lavazza, it’s time to start the main compression between these two coffee brands.

Which one tastes better than the other?

Well, the taste of the coffee depends on the person’s preference. If you want to taste a bold coffee, Lavazza is a better option for you guys because of the Robusta beans they use in their coffees. Robusta has a higher caffeine amount inside it, and it tastes better for people who love their coffee bold.

Illy Coffee

Illy Coffee

If we want to say it, in other words, Lavazza has more roasting options when you want to taste different kinds of coffee.

Illy doesn’t serve Robusta blend at all, and well, this lack of option will make the user prefer Lavazza over Illy.

In this round, we will give our point to the Lavazza in the fight of Illy vs. Lavazza.

Which one is priced better than the other?

Again, it depends on the user to decide. Lavazza has some of the most delicious coffees that you can find in this industry, but when you want to buy some high-quality coffee, the prices increase too; besides, Illy has more options when we are talking about better-priced coffee.

Lavazza and Illy are similar if we want a complete look at the prices. Still, in the end, if you want better quality no matter the cost, Lavazza is waiting for you, but if you prefer better prices, Illy is the one you have to choose.

Which one has better coffee makers than the other?

Well, this is where Illy is going to shine. Suppose you pay a visit to the Illy website. In that case, you will see that they are selling different variations of coffee makers such as espresso machines, Moka pots, French presses, aero presses, and many other things.

Lavazza doesn’t provide these options as Illy does, making Illy a better choice in this category.

Illy vs. Lavazza

Illy vs. Lavazza


As you can see, if you want to choose between these two unique brands, you must consider too many facts simultaneously.

If you are searching for quality, Lavazza beats Illy in every possible way that you can think of.

Still, if you look from other perspectives, Illy serves better prices to their customers, so it’s totally on you which one you want to consume daily.

Thanks for reading our article about Illy vs. Lavazza: Which should you choose? We hope it will help you select the coffee that matches your taste perfectly.

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