Best coffee shops in Seattle

On the Pacific Coast of the United States, there is a city called Seattle, a major seaport. In the state of Washington, it serves as the county seat for King County. What a beautiful town, right?

Does anyone know how we can improve our day in this beautiful city? Yeah, you are right—a cup of coffee. And where is the best place to drink a coffee? A coffee shop.

Coffee is a brewed drink made from coffee beans with two variations: Arabica and Robusta, which roasters roast and then sell as coffee packs.

Best coffee shops in Seattle

Best coffee shops in Seattle

The main buyers of these coffee packs are coffee shops. Because of that, coffee shops are the best places for coffee lovers.

Our team gathered the best coffee shops in Seattle.

Top 10 best coffee shops in Seattle

  1. Fulcrum
  2. Anchor head
  3. Seattle coffee works
  4. Ladro coffee
  5. Café Allegro
  6. Elm coffee roasters
  7. Fonte
  8. Vita
  9. Vivace
  10. Victrola


I guess fulcrum deserves the first spot among the best coffee shops in Seattle.

Fulcrum is one of the essential coffee shops in Seattle because of its excellent quality.

They offer traditional coffee flavors and keep up with modern times. Their three branches showed different aspects of the coffee they make. They hardly try to make the best coffee in Seattle.

Fulcrum in Seattle

Fulcrum in Seattle

Single-origin and traceable coffee beans are the reasons behind the tasty coffee they serve their customers. Its friendly staff and cozy atmosphere make people have another cup to satisfy themselves with coffee and atmosphere.

Anchor head

The second place on the list of top 10 best coffee shops in Seattle goes to anchor head.

This fantastic café is in CenturyLink Plaza, 1600 7th Ave Ste 105. The cozy interior of the coffee shop and the high-quality coffee beans make you stay inside for hours. (it is worth it.)

They offer single-origin coffee that they gathered from different points of the world, and the most favorite one among customers is the beans that came from Ethiopia.

Anchor head

Anchor head

They also have fresh pastries, cookies, and different variations of sandwiches.

If you are headed to this unique café, don’t forget to try the nitro cold brew and single-origin espresso they offer.

Seattle coffee works

Number 3 on the list of best coffee shops in Seattle is no one but Seattle coffee works.

This beautiful café is located at 108 Pine St. they offer single-origin café beans that taste amazing. We recommend you try their single-origin espresso (light and medium roast are the most popular among customers). If you are a coffee freak and don’t like the bitter taste of the coffee, we recommend you to drink their iced latte with rose syrup.

Seattle coffee works

Seattle coffee works

The interior has a classic coffee shop feel but is more modern. We hope you understand what we mean. This place is a great place for bookworms.

Ladro coffee

Anyone here knows the meaning of ladro? No one? Okay, we will explain it to you.

Ladro means coffee thief in Italian. With high-quality beans and the hard work of the farmers, ladro became one of the best coffee shops in Seattle.

It gives a little underdog vibe because of the big their world-famous neighbor: Starbucks.

Café Allegro

The hub of creativity and community! Café Allegro is known as the first coffee bar in Seattle, and it never stopped competing with newcomers and other old coffee shops, making café allegro one of the best coffee shops in Seattle.

Café Allegro Seattle

Café Allegro Seattle

The original espresso blend and the hand-crafted drinks compete with coffee shops in the area in every way you could imagine. It’s a great place to sit and enjoy Seattle’s history.

Elm coffee roasters

Single-origin coffee beans are the signature of elm coffee. They work directly with coffee farmers in select locations to serve top-notch coffee. But the elm coffee is not only about that.

They have one of the kindest staff all over the city to make you feel comfortable in their coffee shop, and these features make elm coffee roasters one of the best coffee shops in Seattle.

Elm is located at 240 2nd Ave S. we highly recommend trying their Espresso, One and One (black coffee and espresso), and Cortado.


If you want to try Italian blend coffee or a great single origin coffee Fonte is the best option for you guys.

They succeeded in achieving a European atmosphere in their coffee. An excellent hotspot for someone who wants to have fun with their friends while eating significant launches. Their warm interior makes you stay in their café for a few more hours.

Fonte cafe Seattle

Fonte Cafe Seattle

We highly recommend you try their Turkish latte and espresso.

Fonte did a great job and became one of the best coffee shops in Seattle.


Caffe Vita Roasters is one of the leading and old players in the coffee-roasting game, which has sold its fresh-roasted coffee since 1995.

Compared to the bigger coffee shops in Seattle, the cozy confines of this establishment provide a welcome change of pace.

As a result, it is an excellent choice for an individual who is traveling around the city by themselves. Perfect for the individual who wishes to spend some time alone.

They serve high-quality single-origin and hand-select coffee beans. While eating their well-baked pastries, you can have sips from your cardamom rose latte.

Vita deserves to be on the list of the best coffee shops in Seattle.


David Schomer is the name behind the vivace café and has many achievements. He was one of the most famous people in the coffee industry because of his innovations.

Vivace is one of the best coffee shops in Seattle because of the high-quality single-origin coffee beans they serve to their customers.

And the prominent popularity of vivace coffee is its unique latte arts. We highly recommend you to try Latte, Iced Latte, and Oat Milk Latte.




If you like to read in a rustic environment or grab a window seat to people-watch and have fun with your great coffee, Victrola Coffee Roasters on Pike Street is one of the best coffee shops in Seattle.

The classic cozy coffee shop feels it makes you stay at victrola for hours and enjoy your Cortado or latte.

Victrola Coffee Roasters selects high-quality beans and roasts them in-house, using coffee beans sourced from different points of the world to deliver premium coffee.

It can get busy quickly, and you may be waiting for your coffee, so it’s not the best stop for on-the-go coffee.

However, the wait is worth it, especially when discussing popular Cortado.

In the end

Our team highly recommends you visit Seattle once before your death. It is worth visiting.

The great taste of single-origin coffee makes you feel like heaven. And if you are not into bitter flavors, you can drink a latte or an ice mocha and have fun with your friends, family, or just by yourself if you are a lone wolf.

Thanks for reading our article about the best coffee shops in Seattle.

If you have any experience with coffee shops in Seattle, please share it with us.