Best coffee shops in Manila

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. Beautiful city with a combination of Spanish colonial structures.

One of the primary needs of people these days is a way to throw their tiredness away. Coffee is one of the best solutions.

It is highly recommended that you pay a visit to the capital city of the Philippines, Manila if you have plans to go there in the near or distant future.

This city is home to several excellent coffee shops, each delicious serving beverages.

In this city, you can locate each kind of coffee shop imaginable, from multi-concept stores to hipster coffee shops, so there is no need to be concerned if you are not a fan of coffee.

You should never feel limited by the choices available to you because there are always more.

Best coffee shops in Manila

Best coffee shops in Manila

Beyond the third-wave coffee movement, there are also coffee shops where people who don’t like coffee can eat different variations of pastries, cookies, sandwiches, etc.

So, we gathered the best coffee shops in Manila so you can find the best spot matching your measures.

Stay with us, and let’s start the list of the best coffee shops in Manila.

Top 7 best coffee shops in Manila

  1. The curator
  2. The coffee academics
  3. EDSA Beverage Design Group
  4. Caravan black
  5. Three Squares Cafe + Bar at Design Story
  6. The Den
  7. Exchange Alley Coffee House

The curator

Do you know what makes the Curator coffee shop the best in Manila? Let us explain it to you.

Let us explain one of the most interesting facts about the Curator coffee shop. This place is not only a coffee shop; it’s a cocktail bar at the same time.

You are confused, but this place works as a coffee shop until the nightlife starts. Can you not find this option in every place you go, right?

The Curator achieved to be inside the list of top 50 coffee shops in Asia in 2016. A great honor that makes the Curator one of the best coffee shops in Manila.

The curator coffee shop in manila

The curator coffee shop in manila

If you are searching for high-quality single-origin coffee beans and one of the best atmospheres in Manila, the place is your spot to pay a visit.

And if you want a better lit space, you can sit in the outer space of the coffee shop. And if you don’t want to sit somewhere, there are always some more options for you guys. You can take away your coffee and enjoy it.

The coffee academics

Coffee Academics is a place that won several awards because of its modern atmosphere and high-quality coffee beans that they gather from the coffee shops’ farms and roast.

This feature makes coffee Academics the second-best coffee shop in Manila.

This Hong Kong-origin specialty coffee shop is located in Legaspi village. The brown and grey interior makes the café one of Manila’s most beautiful coffee shops.

The coffee academics

The coffee academics

If you ask us, stepping inside the café will give you the vibe of a billionaire playboy. (Reference to batman, we are just kidding.)

EDSA Beverage Design Group

And again, we will slander you in one of the best coffee shops in Manila. First, if you search the web, you will see vast references between the curator, the best coffee shop in Manila, and edsa.

It’s because some of the owners are the same, and they founded another coffee shop with the help of other people.

If you ask someone who believes in the third wave of coffee about their favorite coffee shops, they will defiantly add Edsa to their lists.

As we said before, the interior of the café is so similar to the curator coffee shop. Besides being a modern coffee shop, it’s also minimal, which causes a considerable paradox to overrun the café.

Caravan black

Caravan Black is a coffee shop in Bonifacio Global City located on the ground level of a corporate building. Because of its location, the establishment is frequented by a large number of white-collar workers who are looking to satisfy their need for caffeine.

The interiors are decorated in style described as “contemporary Art Deco with a tinge of surrealism.” The ambiance of the café is one of a kind in all of Manila because it combines elements of these two different artistic styles.

It’s as if Marlin Monroe, Michael Jackson, and Indiana Jones all wanted to launch their own company at the same time. That’s the best way we can describe it.

Caravan black

Caravan black

You have an understanding of what it is that we are attempting to convey, correct?

This coffee shop in Manila gets its name from the Caravans that were used to carry coffee beans between continents.

(The atmosphere in Indiana is the one that permeates the whole establishment the most.)

The owners of the café showed a lot of creativity and made it one of the best coffee shops in Manila.

Three Squares Cafe + Bar at Design Story

Imagine you are looking for furniture for your house in Manila, and there is a palace in The Alley at Karrivin Plaza with different kinds of furniture inside, and you want to pay a visit.

We would have two tips for you guys if you entered this place:

  • Firsts of all, don’t be shocked if you see someone making cocktails with excitement; they are the barista.
  • The second tip is to have a sit and have fun.

You entered one of the best coffee shops in Manila. This furniture shop-looking gallery has one of the best specialty coffees all over the city. And also, most of the items in the Three squares are for sale.

The Den

In the historic district of Binondo in Manila, specialty coffee is an excellent spot for artists. The Den is one of the best coffee shops in Manila and offers one of the best coffees in Manila.

One of the main specialties of Manila is that they offer different events that focus on local contemporary cultures, such as music and visual arts. This café tries to awaken the artistic soul of Manila.

The Den

The Den

The Den is located in an early-hundred-year-old Art Deco building along Escolta Street.

Exchange Alley Coffee House

The Exchange Alley Coffee House can be found in the southern section of the Metro and is one of the best coffee shops in Manila. It takes its name from a famous area in London lined with pubs and cafés dating back hundreds of years.

Customers have given it the affectionate moniker EACH, and it has developed into one of the most successful coffee shops in Manila, in addition to being a favorite hangout for the Alabang neighborhood community.

It is favorable for getting work done thanks to its industrial furnishings and windows that go all the way to the ceiling, and the second story also functions as their roastery for beans that are acquired from the surrounding area.

In the end

These coffee shops that we mentioned above are the best in Manila. We highly recommend you pay a visit to each of them shortly.

Manila is one of the best places to try high-quality third-wave coffee with lavish interiors.

We hope that this article will help you in the future. Ultimately, we all want to drink high-quality coffee while chilling with our friends or family.

Thanks for reading our article about the best coffee shops in Manila. If you have any experiences with coffee shops in Manila, please share them with us.