Best coffee shops in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful city. People in this city need a little rest and get away from everything possible.

Because of that, coffee lovers from all over the country founded coffee shops in different locations.

Coffee is a brewed drink roaster gathered from coffee farms they are working with.

The people of this lovely city want to get rid of the hustle and bustle of work and school life and have a great cup of specialty coffee so they can chill with their friends and family.

best coffee shops in Singapore

best coffee shops in Singapore

The third wave of coffee has a lot of believers in Singapore, so they offer one of the best specialty coffees worldwide.

Some early starters in Singapore include Forty Hands and PPP Coffee / Chye Seng Huat (then better known as Papa Palheta). Today we gathered the best coffee shops in Singapore for you guys.

Stay with us so we can introduce you top 7 best coffee shops in Singapore.

Top 7 best coffee shops in Singapore

  1. Apartment coffee
  2. Alchemist
  3. Nylon coffee roasters
  4. Venture coffee
  5. Home ground
  6. Double up
  7. Old hen coffee bar

Apartment coffee

Many say that apartment coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Singapore. This beautiful café is owned by a previous coffee brewers champion, one of the most significant rewards for local baristas of Singapore.

The main idea of this café is so interesting. The owner of the café opened this place to make the vibe of inviting customers to her house and communicate with them just like friends.

Apartment coffee in Singapore

Apartment coffee in Singapore

The barista’s skills and mastery of making specialty coffee make the apartment the best coffee shop in Singapore.

The menu is straightforward, offering Single Origins, a Blend of Colombia El Mirador, and three non-coffee beverages of Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and Hot Chocolate.


You may not have expected to find a hipster café (hipster cafés are just on another level) within an exciting and nostalgic building where MacTaggart Road and Burn Road meet.

Alchemist is a hidden gem and has become one of the best coffee shops in Singapore.

This is the place to come to in Singapore if you are looking for excellent third-wave specialty coffee since it is the only place of its kind. They have some of the industry’s most skilled baristas working for them.

Cafes Alchemist

Cafe Alchemist

Dark Matter, which tasted robust and nutty, and Areka, which had berry-fruity and floral undertones, were the two blends that were our group’s most popular purchases at the café.

Prices range from $3.00 for an espresso, $4.50 for a white or black, $5.50 for an Ice White, to $6.00 for a pour-over. It’s pretty reasonable.

Customers enjoy their coffee, especially the Dark Matter blend, which is bold, full of body, and balanced.

Nylon coffee roasters

It is not strange that nylon placed three on the list of best coffee shops in Singapore. Nylon is one of the best coffee shops that match the Singapore coffee scene and is known as one of the best coffee roasters in Singapore.

The crowd of Singapore made this café their hotspot. The coffee enthusiasts of Singapore recommend nylons, White (from $4.50) with Oat Milk ($1).

Nylon coffee roasters

Nylon coffee roasters

They also serve different variations of blend coffees, such as Ethiopia Haru ($6.50), which has lime, peach, and jasmine undertones.

Nylon is one of the best options for people who want to drink high-quality coffee.

Venture coffee

There is a lousy understanding among the people of Singapore about coffee shops. Most people in Singapore think that if a coffee shop is crowded, they are one of the best in the business.

The venture is living proof to dismiss this stupid belief that runs among people. The experience is one of the best coffee shops in Singapore.

An underrated west side coffee shop that serves one of the best single-origin coffees in Singapore with a minimalistic setting.

Our team recommends iced black, one of the best-iced coffees in Singapore that you can get refreshed and recover your energy with the help of coffee beans that you can get the taste of them very well under the crazy heat of Singapore.

Of course, there are alternatives for people who don’t get along with black coffee. Iced white is one of the best alternatives you can order in the venture.

Home ground

Home-ground coffee roasters are only one of the best coffee shops in Singapore that can be found in Katong.

These coffee roasting establishments are known for providing the highest quality beverages to customers all around Singapore.

They provide one of the highest-quality singles-origin coffees in Singapore, made possible because of their high-quality coffee beans. In addition to that, they provide instructions and training on how to make coffee.

best coffee shops in Singapore

best coffee shops in Singapore

The white with its lollipop syrup is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary things you can have from the menu. In addition, if you are looking for top-notch filtered coffee, we have it available for you to sample with our breakfast-in-bed mix that is sweetened with maple syrup.

Double up

One of the main things that make double up one of the best coffee shops in Singapore is their excellent old-school interior. The quirky skateboard tables give you a unique vibe.

They provide a wide selection of coffee, pastries, breakfast foods, and so on. For instance, the standard latte is called a Spro with Milk and costs $5. The word “Spro” may also mean “espresso.”

Double up in Singapore

Double up in Singapore

Meanwhile, the black is humorously named Spro with Water ($4.50). All these items are unique, and we recommend you try them all.

These coffees use beans sourced from a local cafe, Bearded Bella, with milk chocolate notes. Note that their pastries are served rotationally, so you’ll be surprised every time.

Old hen coffee bar

One of the leading names in the coffee industry of Singapore is the old hen coffee bar. Old hen is best known for their long-range cold brews, which you can order different variations of and chill by drinking.

One of the variations of cold brew that everyone fell in love with is White Cold Brew Coffee ($6.90) which has a creamy and aromatic taste. Meanwhile, if you love chocolate and coffee, get the best of both worlds with cold mocha.

Old hen coffee bar

Old hen coffee bar

They also offer different kinds of options for people who love to give a feast to their stomachs.

These features make old hen one of the best coffee shops in Singapore.

In the end

If we want to imagine the dialogue between 2 people in Singapore about coffee shops:

  • “Oh my god, this, the weather is going to kill me someday; what should we do, buddy?”
  • “Don’t ask from me,” with an angry face.
  • “Hmm, let me think.”

1000 years later…

  • Okay, what about drinking an iced latte with caramel syrup? I bet you are going to like it.
  • You are a genius, Einstein.
  • Let’s go to the best coffee shop in Singapore.

You can see coffee makes everyone happy. It gives a significant energy resource and tastes like heaven if you ask our opinion. We finished our article about the best coffee shops in Singapore.

Thanks for reading this article, and if you have any experiences with coffee shops in Singapore, please share them with us.