Best coffee shops in Denver

When it comes to coffee beans, it’s time for Denver to shine. The third wave of the coffee movement took over Denver long before the other cities.

The roasters in this city pop out of nowhere because of what they believe. We mean the third wave of the coffee movement.

Denver is the capital of Colorado. It is an American metropolis dating to the Old West era.

Because of the high-quality coffee beans that they produce, the coffee shops are considered the best in their own business because of the high-quality coffee beans they have.

Today our team has rounded up the best coffee shops in Denver.

Best coffee shops in Denver

Best coffee shops in Denver

Stay with us so we can introduce you top 8 best coffee shops in Denver.

Top 10 best coffee shops in Denver

  1. Boxcar coffee roasters
  2. Prodigy coffee house
  3. Dandy lion
  4. Rivers and roads
  5. Blue sparrow
  6. Corvus coffee
  7. Crema
  8. Lekker coffee

Boxcar coffee roasters

Boxcar coffee roasters are first in the top 8 best coffee shops in Denver.

Boxcar coffee roasters supply coffee beans to the many coffee shops in Denver. This makes boxcar one of the best coffee roasters in the business.

This café is located in boulder pearl St.

Boxcar coffee roasters

Boxcar coffee roasters

Also, their coffee shop is unique, especially regarding the quality of the coffee. The decoration is simple but happens to be very fresh and pleasant.

This café is worth visiting and drinking customers’ favorite drink, cardamom rose-latte, and eating their mouthwatering croissants.

Prodigy coffee house

“Craft coffeehouse and apprenticeship” is the name prodigy coffee houses owner put on her coffee shop. You ask why? Let us answer you.

This coffee shop works with the young ones in the neighborhood and teaches them how to make coffees. If we want to mean it in another way, this coffee community is a barista-making factory.

This place gives the home vibe with a cup of honey-lavender lattes and nitro cold. They decorated the coffee shop with a lot of plants and painted with nude colors. That gives great energy to every person who steps inside the café.

These reasons are enough to name the prodigy coffee house one of the best coffee shops in Denver.

Dandy lion

The reason that makes the Dandy Lion coffee shop different from the others is this shop sells Vietnamese coffee and plants. This is one of the main reasons why the dandy lion is one of the best coffee shops in Denver.

Also, the staffs are so friendly. While making your coffee, they joke with customers to make them laugh and feel comfortable in their café.

Dandy Lion combines minimalism and modernism and is one of the most well-decorated coffee shops in Denver.

Dandy lion in Denver

Dandy lion in Denver

The most common and people’s favorite drink is the sweet and spicy Ollie’s Drink (named for the owners’ son)

Rivers and roads

Here is our number 4 on the top 8 best coffee shops in Denver. One of the main reasons Rivers and Road’s coffee shop differs from others is that they make everything in the home, from coffee beans to cakes.

And again, the staff is so friendly. We guess it’s one of the main characteristics of the people of Denver.

They are so happy when they are making your iced Black Forest mochas. Yes, it’s the favorite drink on rivers and roads by the customers.

Blue sparrow

This café sticks to his name. Blue sparrow gives you the vibe of the sea, pool, or anything filled with water.

They painted the walls all white, and the blue-colored couches and sits make you see a reflection of the sea on the walls.

They serve great drip brews making this coffee shop one of the best coffee shops in Denver. The most favorite item among the people of Denver is On-tap Strava Craft Coffee CBD nitro iced coffee.

Corvus coffee

The main reason behind the success of Corvus is that they have focused on developing personal, direct-trade relationships with coffee growers since 2012. This made this café placed among the top 8 best coffee shops in Denver.

They do the roasting process in front of your eyes while you are drinking your coffee with the excellent music taste of the owners.

Corvus coffee

Corvus coffee

Corvus is located on Wadsworth Blvd.


With his homemade pastries and coffees made by pro baristas with the best beans gathered from above 20 top roasters across the country, crema placed number 7 on the list of top 8 best coffee shops in Denver.

You can chill and have fun while drinking your perfectly pulled espresso or your latte with homemade vanilla syrup.

Besides these perfect items, the most popular thing among the customers is Drip to stay (with free refills!). If you are more interested in foods than coffees, we recommend the legendary sweet potato waffle or quiche-of-the-day.

Crema has many branches, but we recommend you visit the Larimer St., Denver Central Marke location.

Lekker coffee

Lekker is a family-run coffee that runs by a mother and daughter. You can get the vibe from the fresh air of the coffee. The coffee shop’s name is African, meaning “tasty” and “delicious.”

Besides this cute family spend 10 percent of their income from the café to care for the wild.

This coffee shop is located in Larimer St. the favorite items among the customers are Black Box pastries, Pandemic Donuts, Little Man Ice Cream, and Onefold breakfast burritos.

Lekker coffee

Lekker coffee

And we ended our list of top 8 best coffee shops in Denver by lekker.

In the end

We gathered the best coffee shops in Denver to guide you if you want to visit Denver someday.

Denver is a great city for coffee lovers with solid coffee culture, java shops, and roasters galore.

Denver is one of the firm believers of the third wave movement, giving so much attention to the beans they produce.

Thanks for staying with us and reading our article If you have any experience with the best coffee shops in Denver, we would be happy if you shared your information with us.