Best coffee shop in Paris

In addition to café crème and espresso, Paris has become famous as the capital of specialized coffee with attractive cafes. While prestigious roasters such as La Brûlerie de Belleville and Lomi bring the city to life, a new generation of baristas brings new vitality to Parisian coffee cups. This article will introduce the best coffee shop in Paris, where you can have a unique experience.


Best coffee shop in Paris

Best coffee shop in Paris

20 best cafes and coffee shops in Paris, France

  1. Fringe
  2. Café Méricourt
  3. Ten Belles
  4. Loustic
  5. Holybelly
  6. Hardware Société
  7. Café Craft
  8. Foundation Café
  9. Coutume Café
  10. Boot Café
  11. Matamata Coffee
  12. Lomi
  13. LA Caféothèque
  14. Passager
  15. La Fontaine de Belleville
  16. KB Café Shop
  17. Honor
  18. Fragments
  19. Neighbours
  20. Republique of Coffee

Fringe Coffee Shop in Paris

In this coffee shop, the walls are decorated with attractive works by artists and photographers, and cloud-like lighting is made on blonde wooden tables. This comfy environment is superior to most coffee shop in Paris and is known to the locals who are often reading or writing. Its owner specializes in specialized coffee. It is worth noting that the workers are mostly Scandinavian that manage orders and serve everyone fast.

Fringe is one of the best coffee shops in Paris

Fringe is one of the best coffee shops in Paris

Café Méricourt

This cafe has a relaxing atmosphere due to its soil-like interior, light green view, and a set of succulents behind its bar. Ordinary individuals come to this cafe for coffee and a quick breakfast or a regular lunch with coworkers. The cafe concentrates more on French roasters, although like a restaurant, it offers full service to its customers.

Ten Belles

Ten Bells is one of the main specialized coffee shop in Paris, although it has a small space. This place is very favored among the locals because of the excellent coffee, delicious lunch, homemade cakes, and hot chocolate.


The Loustic cafe is very modern and is decorated with pink plush cushions and semi-wooden and patterned floors, Hermès wallpaper, and a bamboo bar. Loustic is a great place to spend time with friends and have a great stellar chai latté and coffee, and enjoy a light lunch.

Holybelly Coffee Shop in Paris

Holybelly is more like a creative eatery than a coffee shop, and its menu is constantly changing. Barista coffee is very popular in this Parisian café. Many people come here to enjoy pancakes, brunch, memorable food, and the best coffee and drinks in Paris.

Hardware Société

Hardware Société is Located in the tourist area of Montmartre, and it is far sufficiently away from the hustle to feel comfortable. French pastries, bacon, salmon, and other main dishes complement the brunch. Cold coffee and chai lattes are among the best.


Café Craft

Café Craft

Café Craft

Craft has a more grown-up sense than other coffee shops. In this café, you can serve perfect coffee drinks, espresso, and filters, from the local Lomi roast. You can also request a Wi-Fi password for ordering coffee and cake.

Foundation Café

Foundation has located a short distance from the greenery of the Square du Temple. Although it has little space, you can pick up your cup of coffee to go out and enjoy the view of the square. Foundation offers a solid filter coffee that has never been offered before in Paris. Their beans hail are from Belleville Brûlerie, and the cake and banana bread are wonderful.

Coutume Café

Coutume is the perfect place for coffee enthusiasts who like Chemex, AeroPress, and cold brewing. The choice can be very difficult and exhausting for newcomers. However, the baristas are glad to assist you in choosing the best drink, and you can feel that you have learned something small in this route. Besides, the team operates a second store called Instituutti in the Latin Quarter.

Boot Café Coffee Shop in Paris

In this cafe, where locals come for their espresso drinks, the seats are privileged. The cookies on the bar are captivating, though the charm here is the coffee. If you are fortunate sufficient to get one of the few seats, be aware that everyone who comes after you will be jealous of you.

Matamata Coffee

In this crowded space, there are a few seats upstairs and a shared table on the ground floor, and from the moment you enter, there is a lot of joy. Specialty coffee is served simply and well by employees who want nothing more than to express their passion for it.


Lomi is one of the top coffee roasters in Paris, located on the ground floor of a modern building. However, there are refurbished wooden tables and old chairs inside. The relaxed atmosphere is appealing to young students. Expect everything ordinary, from latte to skillful espresso, as well as double espresso with blue cheese.

LA Caféothèque

La Caféothèque, one of the main roasters in Paris, lacks some of the chic charms of other stores near Paris. However, it has plenty of seats, so you can enjoy your drink and one of their gluten-free sweets without feeling in a hurry.


Best coffee shop in Paris

Best coffee shop in Paris


The Passager Café is dreamy with refurbished wooden counters, old chairs, restaurant floor tiles, and wide windows that allow natural sunlight in. The perfect team of baristas offers a variety of specialized drinks.

La Fontaine de Belleville

This cafe is relatively quiet in the morning and crowded in the afternoon. Coffee, homemade beers, natural wines, and juices are served around the clock. Green bean salad, naughty eggs, mixed cheeses, and cooked meat dishes are the main dishes on the menu.

KB Café Shop

The café has a large outdoor terrace, and the wooden tables and benches are comfortable enough. They began roasting their beans a few years ago. While the menu has all the typical dishes, what is exceptional is the quality of the coffee. This is why you will see a large number of young people, from anywhere local or groups of chat friends, plus a small number of tourists who love its coffee.


The Café Honor is located in the courtyard near the Comme des Garçons boutique and museum. Crowds range from experts working in the surrounding embassies and fashion places to tourists wandering the streets of Saint-Honoré.


The fragment is a suitable café for coffee lovers, and many Parisians and travelers are attracted to it. It may be a little worn out, but it is definitely a great place to enjoy delicacies such as avocado toast, spicy scrambled eggs, seasonal fruit granola, and cake.


The café has classic tables and chairs and sufficient mirrors to make the feeling that it is bigger than it really is. It fills up fast on the weekends, but fortunately, there are still outdoor seats. Anyone who is bonded to the world of coffee comes to defend what is arguably by far the best coffee in town.

Republic is the best coffee shop in Paris

Republic is the best coffee shop in Paris

Republique of Coffee

This café is located behind Place de la République. Mexican food lovers are the most frequent customers of this cafe. The menu is a mix of Mexican cuisine and vegan diet food.

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