Best coffee in Florence

In this text, we want to review the most famous and best coffee in Florence and introduce some of its famous cafes. Join us.

Coffee is one of the things that is very important in Italy and has a special place in the culture and history of this country!

In ancient times and today, drinking coffee was a very honorable thing in Italy, which is both a master and a sitting factor for enjoyment; whether you are a native of this country or a traveler, you will undoubtedly enjoy coffee.

Given the history of coffee in Italy, visiting the cafes in Florence and getting to know some famous restaurants is good.

Best coffee in Florence

Best coffee in Florence

Cafes have long been a fixture of Florence culture, serving as a gathering spot for neighbors in the early hours, a place to relax with coworkers at noon, and a place to meet friends at midnight. Neighborhood politics, work, and events are still topics of discussion today in the city’s cafes.

Join us on this exciting trip to Florence if you are interested in learning more about the city of Florence or planning a trip there.

The best cafes in Florence [2021]


Café Gilli, located in the heart of Piazza Della Repubblica, is one of Florence’s most known and influential cafes. With a ready-to-serve crew dressed in neat uniforms and black ties, crawling carefully and cleanly between tables under high ceilings. Gili Café is one of the most expansive cafes in Paris and Vienna.

Coffee is one of the high-quality beverages served in the café, and cocktails are available for those who prefer something other than coffee.

Café Gilli is one of Florence's most known cafes

Café Gilli is one of Florence’s most known cafes

If you enter this cafe for a short and outpatient break to chat with your fellow friends, you will be amazed by its special and unique nature. However, if you plan to stay for a while, it’s worth booking an outdoor table, especially in the evenings.

You can see the street musicians, fashionistas on parade, and the tide of Florentine life here in the city’s bustling central square.

2. Rivoire

Café Rivoire, situated in Piazza Della Signoria, is another Florence café. This café offers stunning views of the Palazzo Vecchio. It’s worth noting that the coffee at this cafe is first-rate, but the chocolate is truly unique, and we can thank Enrico River, the royal Savoy chocolate manufacturer. He first opened for business in 1872.

It is suggested in this cafe to sprinkle cocoa on your cappuccino, or better yet, try a chocolate brown like Marucci.

Café Rivoire is another Florence café.

Café Rivoire is another Florence café

The café serves a wide range of pastries, from creamy brioche to sacchartorts, with chocolate having an essential role in most of them. The winter of Rivoire, when the baristas serve a hot and thick chocolate in the French style, is one of the cafe’s wonders.


Other cafes in Florence, Italy, include the Chic Cafe, a vegetarian and vegan environment. Chic is an excellent option for a quick snack or meal on the go.

Great American-style coffees and snacks from freshly cooked and healthy food options, such as spicy juices and smoothies, salmon sweets, salads, and vegan baked goods, can be found here.

SHAKE CAFE has a vegetarian and vegan environment

SHAKE CAFE has a vegetarian and vegan environment

Popular among Florentine youth, the chic is divided into two sections: a small spot with outdoor seating in Santa Maria Novella Square and a large, hearty café near San Marco Square that can accommodate various groups.


This cafe has a unique structure in that you must navigate a difficult path to reach the terrace because you must enter through the library. However, you can either take the elevator or the stairs for your comfort.

Some of the best views of the Duomo can be found on the large outdoor terrace overlooking the Oblate courtyard. Because this is a library, the atmosphere is lively and calm, similar to a university.

Groups frequently congregate at scattered tables to study, drink coffee, and socialize. This is an excellent location for a coffee and a stroll through the city.


Melaleuca is a café in Florence that connects the United States and Australia, two well-known countries part of the third wave of the coffee revolution.

This is not, in fact, a public coffee shop. On the other hand, Melaleuca is a few steps from Arno and represents the new Florence.

Melaleuca is a café in Florence

Melaleuca is a café in Florence

The café’s owners, Marco Calliari and Chloe Gast grew up in Gainesville, Florida, and Cairns, Australia, before settling in Florence, Cappelliari hometown, and opening Melaleuca in 2019.

This cafe’s owners introduced the culture of American and Australian restaurants to the Italian cafe. This cultural mash-up includes American cinnamon bread, Australian latte art, and locally sourced coffee beans.

People visit Melaleuca for the coffee beans, and the D612 coffee in Florence made the café famous. After enjoying incredibly delicious cinnamon bread and two skillfully prepared flat white bread, you will return to that cafe.


At Robiglio Italian Café, you’ll find everything you’d expect from an Italian café: Old World charm, friendly service, first-rate coffee, and some of the best sweet treats in town, such as a chocolate croissant, Creamy sweets, tiramisu, and a collection of specialty cakes sold in pieces.

PASTICCERIA ROBIGO is the best café in Florence

PASTICCERIA ROBIGO is the best café in Florence

Like many cafes in Italy, induction is on the rise, but if you’re looking for an experience rather than a quick fix, it’s worth sitting outside.

The street view here is worth the extra euro, with a close-up of the Duomo on the left and the Piazza Della Santissima Annunziata on the right. You’re finally on vacation. So relax, sip your espresso, and savor your sweetness.


Caffe Concerto Paszkowski is one of Florence’s well-known and popular cafes, and it was even designated a national monument in 1991.

When the café first opened, it was just a beer hall; today, Paszkowski is a popular spot for both locals and tourists looking for a cup of espresso and some Italian pastries. Grab an espresso at the café, drink it standing up, and go for a walk. This is an Italian technique.


FINISTERRE is a coffee shop in Florence with a welcoming atmosphere from when you walk in. They are well-known for producing excellent coffees and even better pastries to accompany them.

Come to Finisterrae for a relaxing start to your day in Florence by ordering an espresso and a pastry.


The Coffee Mantra, located in the corner of the Church of St. Ambrose, is one of Florence’s specialized cafes.

At certain times of the day, mantra coffee is full of open-minded local students who typically drink their specialized coffee or gather inside this small, intimate café in this part of the city, full of students from nearby universities.

Best coffee in Florence

Best coffee in Florence

The shareholders of this cafe, Giovanni Benini and his wife Laura, brew and serve their highly specialized coffee in various ways. Still, espresso extraction is recommended to get the full flavor of their coffees.


SimBIOsi Organic Cafè in the center of Florence is a distinctive café with one-of-a-kind wines that distinguishes it from other cafes. This is a historical cafe with attractive interior architectural styles decorated with visual arts and old tables and chairs.

This cafe’s distinguishing features include high-quality organic ingredients, specialized coffees, organic food, and unique wines. Their espresso is meticulously prepared. They also employ a variety of other brewing techniques.

The café provides global breakfasts such as granola, avocado toast, and porridge, as well as Tuscan classics for a lighter lunch. Start serving in the evenings with food from a local restaurant, such as freshly baked pizza slices, which can be paired with a glass of their organic Tuscan wine, or coffee cocktails, such as sprites with coffee liqueur—Shakrato sour whiskey with espresso or cold-brewed gin and tonic.

SimBIOsi Organic Cafè in the center of Florence is a distinctive café with one-of-a-kind wines that distinguishes

SimBIOsi Organic Cafè in the center of Florence is a distinctive café with one-of-a-kind wines that distinguishes

Pick up a stool by the counter and converse with the barista, unwind in an old chair behind a desk, or bring your coffee and sit outside to take in Florence’s street living space.

The last word,

We have created a list of Florence cafes for you in this essay, and we aim to familiarize you with the most fabulous restaurants, but it does not claim to be a comprehensive list of the best locations for coffee in Florence.

However, we wish it has provided you with a mentality that you can use. In general, we suggest that you do not pass up the chance to sample some of the world’s most delectable coffees.

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